Friday, June 3, 2011

Revisiting America

Oops! You can see my computer skills have not improved. Apparently I hit the wrong key and the blog posted, without any corrections, hence the word minute spelled with a "j". I'm back on track for the time being! Numerous speakers during the service, one part honoring faithful servants, we don't do enough of that, several choir specials, and the actual preaching began around 1:30. So, in this instance the Holy Spirit didn't leave at 12:00, as we say in Baptist circles. Wonderful message by Jim Cymbala and the choir is led by Carol Cymbala, his wife. A really dynamic two- I've heard about them for many years so it was great to see them in person and realize the work they're doing in the Brooklyn area. We ate lunch in the cafeteria down stairs, then opted to leave, since it was already around 4:00. (see how time concious I am).
Parking in our area is atrocious so I'm leading up to the parking ticket I received for double parking, I intended to be there just long enough for a space to be available, and forgot. I will not disclose the amount, but it could have meant tickets to another Broadway show. And that isn't all. I got the second one(much cheaper thank goodness)for being parked on the wrong side of the street. I counted the days until we were leaving and prayed I could do everything right until we left town. There were certain days you had to park on one side of the street, then you had to move your car from 11:00 to 12:30 to the other side for the street cleaners. Thank goodness Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday were free days. Roy finally got to where he would blow his car horn when it was time to move the car so we could move ours. We did arrange with him to move our car the days we would be in Manhattan with Shirley and Marge.
Did you ever buy ice cream off an ice cream truck coming through a neighborhood with music playing? Well, one came down our street everyday and then you could walk down the street and see everyone sitting on their steps eating ice cream cones. We never did buy any because he always came at an inopportune time for us, we had just eaten a big meal or something.
But the idea is so "neighborhood".
Janie and I did get our haircuts from Felicia in the barbershop on the corner called Pee Wee's Playhouse. I really can't describe either of our haircuts, but after all we were in a barbershop and she was licensed from the American Barber School. The nice thing, hair does grow back out.
We loved the Yankee ballgame and did everything you're supposed to do at a game, ate hotdogs and peanuts, stood and cheered and clapped with everyone, sang, visited, just a good time and experience. Made friends quickly with two guys from South Carolina, living in New Jersey, working in New York. We left top of the ninth, so don't even know the final score, but did see Andruw Jones hit two home runs.
Shirley and Marge are coming on Thursday,May 26, so I'll sign off again, this time intentional, and tell about our time with them, and then close out New York.

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