Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Revisiting America

I must catch up with my blog because we are leaving tomorrow for Booth Bay Harbor, Maine, which everyone says is so beautiful and we will love.  It will certainly have to go a long way to beat this town of Woodstock, Vermont which I would describe as an ideal place.  As we've said before, "the people make the difference".
Thursday at noon we met our special angel, Akonkha Perkins, at the Farmer's Market got sandwiches for lunch and went to the home of Louise Denham and daughter Harriet, special friends of Akonkha and now friends of ours. I hope Louise won't mind that I tell her wonderful age, 95 years old, still beautiful, gracious, quick mind, truly a southern belle.  We loved being in her beautiful home, hearing her talk about her many years, meeting daughter Harriet and hearing about all her accomplishments, meeting their friend Dee.  It was really one of the highlights of our stay here and I will go into more detail in the book.  I hope you don't tire of hearing that phrase, but it is true, we will elaborate in the book.
Then Thursday night, went to "Hand in Hand" for supper and to say our good-byes to all the ladies there.
This is truly a great organization and is well supported and attended by the townsfolk.  The volunteers are the backbone as the Mission Statement reads, but there has to be that leader that makes everything run smoothly, corordinating everything from gathering the food that will be used, planning the theme for the night, assigning all the volunteers their jobs and just "making it work".  That person is Lauren Oldenberg, and we've come to respect and admire her for her role in theis

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