Friday, June 3, 2011

Revisiting America

Janie and I lugged suitcases, dop kits, and computer to take the subway to Manhattan to meet our sister Shirley, and her partner, Marge. Marge can't manipulate stairs or subways easily so we were booked at the Flatotel, a hotel on 52nd street between 6th and 7th streets, very convenient for plays and restaurants. Our fist chore was to have an extra table moved into the room for our card playing, which we always do when we're together. Then, lunch across a concourse to Dukes Cafe, where there were probably 30 different food stations with everything from shushi to barbecue, soups, salads of every kind, hot and cold, fresh vegetables and fruit, pastas, seafood, beautiful desserts, every kind of sandwich known to man, amazing to imagine keeping everything in there running smoothly.
Taxied to a concert in the evening at St. Patrick's Cathedral featuring the Cathedral orchestra and choir. A beautiful program of music and this is one time it didn't matter that my mind wandered or I took in the beauty of the Cathedral. Probably 50 in the orchestra and 36(we counted) in the choir. Very professional musicians and soloists, the best music I've heard so far. Then to Bill's Bar and Burger's for hamburgers, even though the hour is late, but we had to soak up the atmosphere while it was available.
After lugging the computer into the hotel the connection on our floor didn't work so we were still without a computer-use it so much for looking up addresses, phone numbers etc:
Marge not feeling well on Friday so Shirley, Janie and I took the double-decker tour of the city, focusing on the uptown loop and then the Greenwich Village, Prospect Park look. A good way to see a lot and be able to be on and off. Ate lunch at a Greenwich Village, then home to be ready for our musical in the evening.
"Priscilla", Queen of the Desert, was hilarous. A story of three gays on a bus touring the Australian outback. Music great, over 500 costumes changes, and superb acting. I don't care who you were, you would have loved it.
Went across the street to Sardi's, famous since 1921, for late night supper. Delicious food, and we talked to everyone seated at tables around us, so that was fun. Then I happened to look up to the entrance door and there stood Chris Noth(remember in "That Championship Season", "Big" in the Sex and the City series and movies, a lead in the series of the last several seasons, "The Good Wife". Anyway I started searching in my purse for my camera and paper for his autograph, looked back and he was gone. I have seen him in person now and he is more handsome than on screen.
Saturday, Marge's son, Johnny, and grandson, Abel(so handsome and nice) came for her to spend the day so we three finished our double-decker tour. Attended the musical, "Memphis" that night, back to Sardi's because the food and atmosphere were so great, and hoping Chris Noth would show up again, then to our hotel to play cards till around 3:00 a.m.
We attended Metropolitian Community Church on Sunday, Marge knew the pastor and again we met the nicest folks and heard a great sermon.
Shirley and Marge had to leave by 11:00 for the airport so Janie and I splurged on a taxi, which suprisingly was not that expensive. Had such a good time with Shirley and Marge, the weather was perfect, and we absolutely couldn't have done another thing.
We were worn out also, just the change in routine, etc:
Sunday afternoon there were block parties up and down our streets, loud music, kids running and playing, and good smells. Then, Monday, everything was very quiet for the actual holiday day.
Monday it rained and we began to take stock of what we had to do to pack and leave on Wednesday. My nephew, Stanton Schell, called and said he would come by, that didn't work out but he came on Tuesday evening. So good to see him; he's one of these computer genius's that I believe is in
advertising or presentations for high-powered businesses.
Early Wednesday we realized we would be leaving and there's always a sadness; we actually lived a month in Brooklyn, New York. Roy and David,our two very special friends had engaged someone to help us carry our things downstairs and load the car.
It never takes long to become a part of a place. Have always heard New Yorkers are not nice and friendly-we found that to be the opposite. My overall impression-I would go back to the same place, stay a month, and do it all over again. I consider it a very unique experience to have really become a part of the neighborhood. You could never do or see everything there is to do and see, but I feel like we gave it our best try and did some wonderful things.
And did I mention, this was an all black neighborhood?

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