Friday, June 3, 2011

Revisiting America

I must finish blogging about New York, because we are in White River Junction, Vermont at a Super 8 motel, staying here until our house is available on June 6, and there is already a lot to say about Vermont. We did ride by the house we've rented for June, a red farm house by the side of the road, with a beautiful stream across the road. I hope to make a walking path beside the stream, being very careful about snakes after having read about the many varieties of snakes in Vermont. Back to New York!
One of our favorite places to eat in New York is Junior's where nothing served is "junior". A cup of coffee is like a quart bowl, and a serving of oatmeal a two quart bowl. They do have some of the best cheesecake.
Saturday, May 21. We all make mistakes about things and I guess our biggest one so far is arriving at the Yankee stadium, which is so beautiful, for our ballgame only to realize, when we saw so few people about, that our tickets were for the Wedneday, May 25 game at 1:05. One consolation, we knew the way, which subways to take, etc:, but a hard lesson learned-always check and double check your tickets to anything rather than just trying to remember.
Our Sunday church experience is unforgettable. We visited the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church and I heard the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, numbering at least 250 singers on this particular Sunday. They are world renowned but of course do very little traveling because of the size of the group. The church is an old theater, refurbished, very beautiful and ornate, with stage area holding the choir seats, naturally, in tiers. The choir, closer to the service time of 12:00 noon, just drifted in and took their seats. All colors of people, all nationalities, all dressed however they chose(no shorts or any thing like that). At least 3000 in attendance-the theater holds that many seats and I didn't see any vacant ones. The service began with at least 30 mjinutes of

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  1. Hi Janie and Lou from Sugarloaf Key, Florida!

    Vermont? Already? Where does the time go? You both will love Vermont. Be sure to visit Woodstock. They have a fantastic farmers' market (not sure which day or frequency, but locals will know) and the town is downright charming. Our good friends have a drive-in restaurant, The Brick House in Hooksett, NH, about an hour south on I-89. If you find yourselves in Concord or Manchester, stop by for a lobster roll, fried clams, fried scallops, or a fish sandwich. Oh, and they have the best frappes in New England made with Giffords hard ice cream.

    We miss you both here on Sugarloaf. Life on the island has calmed down a lot. Summer's here with warm days, always a gentle sea breeze, and the most magnificent cumulus clouds staged against a deep blue sky. Tootie and Zuzu have fallen into the summer routine of long afternoon naps, and they look forward to our boat rides out to Marvin Key where they enjoy swimming and playing in the warm water. Rusty (a.k.a. Izzy) the iguana has been enjoying the lazy afternoons as well. He hangs out in the yard next door chewing on the grass, and he has been keeping a watchful eye on the low hanging mango ripening on the tree. We think he's waiting for ripened perfection before taking a bite!

    Enjoy you stay in beautiful Vermont. We continue to follow your adventures and enjoy reading your stories.

    All our best,
    Chuck and Wayne