Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Revisiting America

My walking route  is through the County Fairgrounds facility, alongside the Beaverhead River, with several different mountain ranges in the distance.  This area has many barns, sheds, stables, stalls, show arenas with bleachers, play area for kids, the town softball fields with bleachers, buildings for inside exhibits, etc: and all so beautifully maintained.  A good three-mile walk to a certain point and back.  See very few walkers or dogs and no horses, bikes, or skate-boarders.  In fact very few people out early in the day.
School has started and there are grades K-12 which surprised me for a town so small, but Marsha said no one would agree to consolidate.  Understandable.  Beautiful almost new school and facilities, football fields, etc:
Visited the Senior Center lunch get-to-gether yesterday at the Wagon Wheel restaurant, where they meet Tuesday's and Friday's.  Everything set up for the group in a separate room, and their usual crowd is around 20.  Five dollar donation and everyone eats, visits, and leaves.  They have guest speakers occasionally but mostly just an outing for everyone.  The meal yesterday was a choice of two different kinds of soup, a salad, Chicken and Noodle casserole, rolls, chocolate cake for dessert.  Very good, and tasty, and for $5.00.
Someone said, " you need to sit by Walt Shular, and I did.  In our conversation he shared that he took Kuralt fishing one time.  But the best part was the "patter" between Walt and Harold Smail.  They could have easily been "stand-up" comics in a show.  Their quips back and forth with one another kept me laughing.
Changed gears, and clothes, and left around 4:00 p.m. going to Bozeman to Montana State University to hear a lecture by Dr. Maya Angelou.  A very large crowd in attendance, and a most appreciative audience.
I didn't realize she was quite so frail, not in looks, but needing assistance to walk on stage, etc:  I've always loved her speaking voice, and she is quite a joker and teaser in her delivery.  But, you really had to listen closely to catch all the little nuances.  It was a beautiful hour though and a reminder of the influence we each make in our journey.  Her idea came from the book of Genesis where God put the rainbow in the sky and that we all have many rainbows and we can be that hope and encouragement someone needs. 
The program began with a wonderful Jazz Quintet and singer, Jeni Fleming.  Absolutely great music.  They would be competition for anyone anywhere.  I had hoped they would close the program as well, but didn't.
Back over the mountains and home by 11:00.  So glad Pat and Fred, and Jo Anne thought of me when the tickets became available.

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