Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Revisiting America

My landlords are dear people-Marsha, husband Don, Matt, wife and two sons, and a daughter Robin in Texas.  They are so conscientious about there business, and I almost have to keep the door locked to keep Marsha from coming in and cleaning every hour.  She does the cleaning, booking, cooking for those that are here for extended fishing trips, anything that needs doing, and of course Don is busy with her when he's not a guide for someone fishing.  Matt is the mainstay of the Outfitter-Guide-Fishing service which is the reason so many people visit this area.  They have regulars that come every year.  So, in season they are quite busy. Hopefully Marsha and I are going to get a chance to do something, together, away from the business, before I leave.
Wouldn't you consider the ideal temperature, 40's early morning, 70's around noon and early afternoon, 50's late afternoon and evening?  That has been the case since I've been here.  Perfect for me.  Not a drop of rain in sight, nor predicted.  But extremely dry everyone says and rain is needed.
RUBY VALLEY PARISH, CHURCH OF THE VALLEY, MINISTERS:  ALL THE PEOPLE, PASTOR, BEN J. NARDI.  I like the way the ministers are named, all of us.  And from the looks of the bulletin and the many service organizations listed in a brochure from the library, that is a true statement for this small town.  A very small crowd in church and only one young person, but a lively group of people.  They seemed so excited to be there and be a part of the ministry of the church. Cake and coffee were served after the service and I was able to meet most of the congregation.
I'm amazed at the scope of volunteer and service organizations in this town;  RV service groups, Merchant
groups, Family assistance, Childcare, Military (a nice memorial in the center of town), Books and History groups, Youth activities, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Education, Senior activities, I'll be attending one of their luncheon meetings today, Riding and Rodeo activities, Technology, Masonic, Nature and Outdoor activities.
Someone responsible for pushing and planning for each of these endeavors.  That takes a lot of people.
There is a Mayor, and five City Councilman.  I haven't seen a policeman, so I don't think there is even one here.  What a great commentary for the town.

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