Friday, September 23, 2011

Revisiting America

I'm moved to tears most mornings when I walk.  It's like watching a slide show, the scenery changing every few seconds, the clouds moving, making  the sun shine differently on a mountain top, being able to see such distances, cool breezes blowing, and several mornings temps in the upper twenties.  What more can you ask.
My last day in Twin Bridges was not busy, even though I hadn't done much toward packing, etc:.  So, Marsha was going to Butte and asked me to go along for the ride  There was a sale at Herberger's, similar to our Belk, and she had sale coupons.  We went a different route than interstate and the scenery was awesome, yet different than what I'd seen anywhere.  Anyway, we shopped,  another trip to Walmart, then supper at a very nice restaurant, home the interstate route, and tackled my car-loading, with the help of Marsha, and set my clock for five the next morning.
I certainly won't go into detail about leaving because it's the same each time.  My stay has been great, I've met such wonderful people, the town of Twin Bridges has much to offer, and I will miss being there.
I took I-90 West and arrived in Moses Lake, Washington around 4:00 p.m.  which was enough driving for the day and too, realizing I'm going to be a day early catching the ferry to Ketchican. 
Just a half-day driving got me to Bellingham.  I checked out the ferry terminal, found a nice Best Western and settled in for the rest of the day.  Nice restaurant so I didn't have to drive anywhere for supper.
I'm really wondering what the ferry will be like.  The ticket guy said bring plenty of reading material, snacks, and walking shoes, so it looks like my 32 hours will lag a little.  It will be something I haven't done before and it is the way of getting from point A to B, rather than driving the road to Prince Rupert, against my landlady's advice.  Since I'm booked round-trip I'll at least know what to expect on the return trip. I didn't check on Internet-WIFY connections, so I have no idea if I will be able to use my computer.  But, I'll be ready for a fresh start when I get settled in Ketchican.

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