Thursday, September 29, 2011

Revisiting America

In fact, there is no way you can get to Ketchican except by water.  You can fly in to Gravina Island, but you still have to take a ferry across the sound to get to town.
Hence, the ferry ride, which was quite nice actually. 
The wait to board the ferry was the hardest part eventhough I didn't have to check out of my motet until noon, but I'm finding out, no one seems to be in a hurry.  Finally boarded the ferry around 4:30 after walking around the Fairhaven area, full of shops and restaurants, and considered to be "Bellingham" by some. 
The MVColumbia was a nice, big, cruise ship, with my car on board. 
The Alaska Marine Highway System, with an eleven-ship-fleet, serves a 3500- mile route and 33 ports, with an estimated 320,000 passengers and 97,000 vehicles anually.  This ship can carry 499 passengers and 134 twenty foot vehicles.  There are 45 four-berth cabins and 59 two-berth cabins including 3 ADA cabins(I don't know what that means so I really shouldn't mention it except the brochure did).  There was a cafe, open 24 hours a day, full service dining room, cocktail lounge, movie theater, gift shop, a video arcade, ice and vending machines, lockers and showers for walk-ons, laundry facilities, and all staterooms with private restroom and shower facilities.  A forward lounge on the boat deck as well as an observation lounge on the cabin deck, and an enclosed, heated solarium with the most comfortable easy chairs to sit and enjoy the scenery.  What more can you ask?  And the food was quite good.

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