Monday, September 19, 2011

Revisiting America

A very  interesting day, Thursday September 14.  Visited  the art gallery here that displays work of local artists including  paintings, weavings, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, quilting, quite nice for such a small town and  they offer many classes of interest to people here.  There are lectures also on different subjects.
Then met Joy Day at Novich Insurance Agency who oversees the Library and she is going to make contact with someone to be there with me on Monday to share about the exhibits.
There are so many talented people doing so many interesting things here.  Visited the Sweetgrass Rod Company and met with the owner, Glenn Burkett, who is known internationally for making Bamboo rods.  He came to this area many years ago, and with a partner started R.L. Winston Rod Company, sold it six years ago and began the Sweetgrass company.  We talked as he worked which happens all the time because they have so many visitors, he said.  He travels to Mainland China twice yearly to select the particular species of bamboo, the rods never break, might began 8-10 rods in a two to three day period, a 6 to 8 month,usually, period from order to finished product, the rods get better with use and age, internationally sold, and this could be the rod-building center of the world.  I was fascinated  after seeing only several steps in the process.  Glenn has quite a crew working with him including a son, Wade, Jerry Kustich who I didn't meet, but will because he has written several books of interest that I should know about, Jason, Fox, Dave Delisi, Mike Watson, Dana Escott, Sam Drukman, Mike Watson, all of these people with different areas of expertise, that work under the guidance of Glenn. 
He is an inspiration in his shop as well as throughout the local community and says his most sacred duty is to preserve the legacy by teaching others the many lessons involved in building bamboo rods

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