Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Revisiting America

So many people had asked me, "Are you going to meet Pat Shannon"?  My answer was, always, if the situation presents itself.  I had already checked out her book from the library about she and Charles, had been in the Weaving Shop and Norman, the owner, said she came in there just about every day, and this being such a small town I felt like she would know that I was in town and would like to meet her.  I did call and she said she had been expecting me to call so we decided on Friday at 2:00.  She gave very good directions because the last lag was on a dirt road, and the old school house was a little hard to see being so far off the road. 
Rather than go empty handed I went to the grocery and concocted a fruit basket with some sweet treats and was on my way.  What a gracious and interesting lady.  And I'll have to say the library was one of the most beautiful rooms I've ever seen.  Very tall ceilings, this was formerly a one-room school house, the walls lined with mahogany bookshelves, several seating arrangements, tables with books and momentoes, a bath, small kitchenette, and a porch that overlooked the most beautiful river and tree-banks, and her small log cottage in the distance.  It was truly a most

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