Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Revisiting America

Marsha (my landlady) and I spent Thursday the 15th in Bozeman.  She had a Dr.'s appointment and needed supplies for the motel.  We left around 9:00, went through Ennis and ate breakfast, my second since I waked up at 3:00 and had eaten around 4:00, then to her appointment.  We were scheduled for pedicures and manicures in the mall for around 2:00, and there being a salon nearby I got a quick hair trim.  With all that done we went to Costco( like Sam's) then Walmart, even a Bed, Bath and Beyond, and finally a wonderful supper at a Mexican restaurant. This was my fourth time in Bozeman and it's such a nice town, so clean and open,  downtown still buzzing, and I've heard around 40,000 people, and something for everyone.  We were both a little weary after the day so that's what I get for not walking and storing up that energy.

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