Friday, September 30, 2011

Revisiting America

Ketchican's weather is mild by Alaskan standards. An average temperature is 45 degrees with little snow. The average rainfall per year is a total of 160 inches, raining 224 days to reach this total. People say that if you can't see the top of Deer Mountain it's raining, and if you can see the top it's about to rain. This doesn't dampen the spirits of the residents or visitors here because Ketchican is an ideal city to wander about. Strolling along the waterfront there are quaint buildings, totem poles even in front of Victorian homes, Ketchican Creek running through the town, summer and spring watching the salmon run, shops with native crafts, jewelry, basketry.
On summer days cruise ships will unload as many as 10,000 tourists, transforming the town into a thriving business venture, then evening comes, the streets empty, and the ships move on to the next port.

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