Monday, September 12, 2011

Revisiting America

Twin Bridges is sorta a "main street" town, maybe 10 blocks long, but side streets on either side of main for two or three blocks.  Some buildings are closed and then some businesses don't open every day.  Several already closed for the winter season.  But I'm right on main street, my motel right next to the sidewalk and then the street, so I can't make a misstep.  There is lots of traffic through here, starting very early and into the night.  There is every thing you need here including a small medical clinic. 
Visited the library which is very nice and checked out several books on the Lewis and Clark expedition as well as the book Kuralt's companion wrote, "Charles and Me", which was a quick read but very interesting.
I had forgotten the history of the Lewis and Clark expedition but there is so much here to remind you.
President Thomas Jefferson realized his dream when he sent these two to explore the lands acquired under the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.  They, along with 45 men, set out in May, 1804 and were commissioned to map the land, hold diplomatic councils with native peoples  study and record everything regarding plants, animals, minerals, soil, and native ways of life.  Together they logged more than 8,000 miles, mapped a swatch of the Rockies and the courses of the Missouri and Columbia rivers,  and wrote the first scientific descriptions of 178 plants and 122 animals. 
This major achievement of crossing the North American continent from the Mississippi to the Pacific by way of the Missouri and Columbia river systems succeeded largely because of the friendship of these two people as well as their talents, abilities, and multiple qualifications. each complimenting the other.

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  1. Hi Lou, I've been watching for your blog and had mentioned to Michael that I hadn't seen a post in a while. I'm delighted that you have made it safely to Montana and that you had wonderful company as well. The church just voted and hired Jim O'Neal and Gene Taggert as interim pastor and music director. :) Bible study begins at my house tomorrow evening. My Dad is in the hospital keeping in close touch to see how this unfolds. Love, Eileen Olewski